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Fun in the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands - South Africa - Part 2


So here is part two of our Safari into Kruger and Sabi Sands last October. Part one showed the main protagonists within the region and now I want to show that there is more to Sabi Sands than just Big Cats.

During our four days at Nkorho and the surrounding Traversable properties we saw many other species. From Giraffe to Elephants and from Lizards to Wild Dog. Here are a selection of those wonderful creatures.


It's amazing what you spot whilst driving along. This little fella was on top of a termite mound basking in a little sun. He was as curious about us as we of him.

Close Encounter

Many people hate this but I love to be so close to Elephants. They are incredible and for the most part are very happy to have us around. I don't think the tracker on the vehicle had a wide angle to cope with that closeness :)


For those bird lovers, a safari is as good a place as any to see an enormous array of birdlife. I think I took more bird pics than ever before on this trip.

Mean look

We saw Wild Dog for the first time on this trip and they are quite extraordinary. I would't want to meet this guy in a dark alley way. As a species they are very interesting to watch. They work as a team and often steal kills from bigger predators. When not after food they play together and have fun.

Play time

Play time. This pack of Wild Dogs had just stolen a kill from a young Leopard. They frantically fed on the impala and once finished they all engaged in play fights and friendly grooming. This species is an endangered one but due to intervention their numbers are on the increase. Believe it or not Distemper had been one of the causes of their demise. 

Seen it all? I have now

You often think that you have seen it all. Well I hadn't seen this. We spent an hour with a Birmingham male as he figured out how to get an Impala kill made by the Leopard Tingana (Blog part 1). He was chased off by this Lion who then tried every which way to pull the impala from the tree. 

Three point turn anyone?

Eventually this guy figured he would get in the tree and eat it in situ. However, there was still an issue. Having climbed the tree, he was facing the wrong way. It was so comical to watch him gradually turn through 180 degrees to eventually start his stollen feast.

Well that's all for part two of this blog which I hope you will have enjoyed. After time at Nkorho we then moved on to Kruger National Park itself for a self drive safari with the added pressure of spotting all on our own!!! Stay tuned for part three coming soon.



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