Hi, I am 55 married to Julia and we have two great kids 24 and 21. I am an accountant for my sins but love photography when I find the time but this often is only when we go on holiday! I do shoot professionally and in particular I am involved with an annual festival which involves attending most shows and getting a handful of great shots in the can for their publicity. My real passion is wildlife and we have been lucky enough to have visited Africa on safari a number of times. This always amazes us and we enjoy the animals enormously. Other photographic interests include Formula 1 and occasional concerts. I love my Canon gear which includes the 1DxMk2, 5D3 and the great 200-400. I have though also added a Sony A9 to my kit bag. What a great camera.

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Fun in the Kruger National Park and Sabi Sands - South Africa - Part 1


My wife, Julia and I, managed to book ourselves on a trip to our beloved South Africa back in October 2017. We visit quite regularly as we have family and friends down there so we don't need to many excuses to make the 11 hr flight. This time around we were without kids for the first time which felt very strange initially but we soon realised the benefits, in particular being able to eat anything we fancied and not having to fall in line with their dietary requirements!!!

This trip was planned to be 90% photographic and video oriented and to take advantage of the wonderful wildlife that lives and breaths in Kruger and Greater Kruger. We started by staying at our regular and favourite lodge in Sabi Sands called Nkorho. Its small and very friendly and we always feel like its home, probably because we know many of the staff and guides. We stayed four nights which allows for 4 morning and four evening game drives, giving a reasonable percentage chances of sightings. Percentages improve due to radio contact with other lodges cars and the fact that they can all go off road. Usually no more than 2/3 vehicles are allowed at any one sighting. Our favoured animal was the Leopard and we were not left wanting after some amazing encounters. The beauty of becoming intimate with a location is that you get to follow that region on places like Facebook and because Leopards are named after 12 months, you get to know lineage and how life progresses for individuals. 

For those interested, my gear comprised the awesome Canon 1Dx2, Canon 200-400 F4, Canon 1.4x Converter, Sony A9, Sony G Master 70-200 F2.8, Sony G Master 24-70 F2.8. I primarily used the the Canon for stills unless stuff was close and The Sony for 4k video as well as close up stills. 

And now for some pics:

Sleepy Sunset

This was a luck shot of a female called Ingrid Dam Female. Sleepy after an evening feast and before a developing storm. The shot was only possible due to me asking for a spot light on the Leopard as the sun had dipped and no longer on the tree. This was a wide shot taken with the Sony A9.

Mr Anderson

One of the most impressive yet scary Male Leopards I have ever seen. Called Mr Anderson, his eyes stand out a mile and can kill at 100 paces. Below was a stalking Hyena awaiting scraps from the feast Mr A was having in the tree. Taken on the 200-400 at 200mm and at an incredible 12800 ISO. It was getting pretty dark under the tree canopy!!


This beauty, as is often the case, felt obliged to make a tree his bed. This is Tingana one of the dominant territorial males.  Taken at just over 500mm with the 200-400 plus internal converter.


This was a tricky one for all sorts of reasons. Initially our guide got off our vehicle and walked into the thicket. A little later we had a calm call on the radio stating he had run into this pride and by the time we got to him he was also flanked by a hungry Hyena. All in a days work apparently. Then there was the question of getting exposure sorted with the spot light. 400mm ISO 10000, 250th at f5.6

Lion Portrait

This guy is one of four Males that form a Brothers coalition called the Birmingham's. They look like pussy cats but they are serious trouble for other male lions. The four have taken over numerous prides and are pushing their boundaries out ever further.

On the prowl

Clearly on the hunt to celebrate the new hair do. The Birmingham's look amazing despite the many scars from battle over recent years. 



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