Live in Harrogate area and started with a Zenith E, progressed to a Practica and had a Durst 35mm B/W Enlarger! To be honest as you will tell, originally it has been a second hobby to me with Squash, Football, Cycling and Beer Drinking taking the forefront. A recent "Happening" and getting old brought me to my current dilemma of pretending to be a photographer! Have become a "Canon Man" and probably spent more on equipment than I can afford. "We only come by this way once"

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Damn the Fotomissions


Nothing like a challenge but this is serious competition what with Andy Wakefields brilliant focus stacking blog he clearly was going to be up there so this was where I set my target 

This Zebra spider was my first attempt great big eyes making it a sexy mini beast and one of the few that I stacked that didn't have 9 or 10 legs! Nope it had a couple of stacking issues

Not 100 percent certain what this spider was maybe a Diaea Dorsata Crab Spider on a Ceanothus, it stacked quite well but no eye!! GGGrrrrrr

Horny Ladybirds must have a chance! Nooooooo out of focus on the little one

Now were getting somewhere, an Orange Tip taken with a 500mm and 1.4 converter through some cover. Not happy it is not right it looks all mixed up with the nearest wing.

A couple of Soldier Beetles and a bit of Rumpy Pumpy look at the smile on it!! Still not Happy (the beetle is!!)

A banded Demoiselle on Horsetail, that has to be the one!! No the horsetail should be the other way!

Come on a four spotted chaser doing its stuff? Noooo far too common and I have seen one by a buzzer that's bound to be better!!

A Crab Spider that has caught a Soldier Beetle ( I think it was tired after the shagging!!) I have got eyes and quite an epic story Nope still not happy!! So I went for my Mayfly asking a question and got a sixth and the Dave vote (Thanks Dave 1 you are clearly better at  judging than the other buffoons!!!) Well done Andy Wakefield and Tony Marsh, well deserved winners and great to see some new up and coming talent. Now where is the ointment for my stings!!



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