Live in Harrogate area and started with a Zenith E, progressed to a Practica and had a Durst 35mm B/W Enlarger! To be honest as you will tell, originally it has been a second hobby to me with Squash, Football, Cycling and Beer Drinking taking the forefront. A recent "Happening" and getting old brought me to my current dilemma of pretending to be a photographer! Have become a "Canon Man" and probably spent more on equipment than I can afford. "We only come by this way once"

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2016 What Happened?


Well an interesting year all in all with bags of inspiration from Team Fotobuzz and a little help with the new switches, bells and whistles on a 1DX2 which I indulged in this year. Heres a few pics from the can. I would also like to add my thanks to all at Fotobuzz from AJs Lightroom tutorials to Andys guidance and tips and all members that are all capable of tips and tricks and big thank you to Phil that has kept me amused through the year!  Big Congrats also to Vicky and Simon for producing 2 mini buzzers

Red EyedTree Frog

In the depths of Costa Rica for this one!! Oops no I wasn't, that was 15 years ago then then this one must have been from my mates Marine and Reptile shop! I rushed there as soon as my 1DX2 arrived to try it out so this must have been in May

Arctic Terns Skydance

On our annual pilgrimage to the Farne Isles although this year we only got out the one afternoon. The puffins are fantastic but I got a nice Arctic Tern shot with AR the year before and decided I love the high key images against grey cloudy days and spent a lot of time with these record world travellers

Grow a Beard

On my way up to Aviemore for Ospreys with AJ I decided to go up the west side as we were not due to meet up till the late afternoon. I went across the loch at the bottom of Fort William on the Corran Ferry and played with a few settings. Used some AJ lightroom techniques and produced this Jim Lard!!

Osprey Heaven

Had a totally brilliant time with the Buzzers in Aviemore and big hugs to Jackie Walker my buddy and regards to chief spotter Neil McIntere. We didn't get many dives but AJ kept us on our toes and we didn't miss much. Try a trip with the other Buzzers they are fantastic. After lots of conversation (drinks) in the hotel AJs vast knowledge from his Practical Fishkeeping magazine days worked out that this was a trout (clue, we were at a trout farm!!)

Then they Blow their Heads Off!!

Got this shot of a Red Grouse high on the moors above Pateley Bridge and quite liked the background of the heather, sky and grass. I think it looks pretty innocent and not really got any idea what will be going on shortly! I also met another Buzzer "Armchair Hawes" where he continued to get lots of "lucky shots" !! I clearly have a lot to learn

Dive, Dive, Dive

On a few days away in Hereford so booked a trip to Gigrin and ended up with beautiful blue sky's, I love birds in flight and went on a Rousey school to learn more about it the year before. Not the easiest image to get of a diving Red Kite but think I did ok on this one

Twit With Who?

A mate of mine scouts out some great sites for birds and I got Andy O Brien to join Team Buzz and we keep meeting up at different places in North Yorkshire. This was a cracking pitch for late afternoon Barn Owl and this is my take of ARs Barn Owl with Room shot ( his is slightly luckier than mine!) Read his article and video on camo its a good read with excellent tips

Reds in Yorkshire

Great little mini meet with Stu Walter and girlfriend and a combined effort for this image. I had taken my new wireless speedlites with transmitter and did a bit of backlight and Alex Hyde side on flash with Stuart baiting the log and being "key grip" Another excellent day out with fellow Buzzers. I have not mentioned "Waterfalls day with CB, Shaun Pugh and others on my mini meet or Bempton with SMV and Gareth and Phil, But to all new members, in fact all members its a great club and hope you enjoy my little reminiscence of my Year 2016. Merry Christmas



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