6 top tips for shooting Autumn fungi

Discover the tips and tricks you can employ to get cracking shots of mushrooms! In this video, JA and AJ head down to the local woods on a fungi expedition, and reveal the top six ways that will make sure you capture your best-ever shots over the Autumn months. Armed with macro lenses, LED lights, beanbags and a groundsheet, they got some great images, and you can, too – right now!

Published in Camera Skills
  1. Very enlightening guys.

  2. Yup, getting back up is a big problem at my age. Many of our fungi are over, however in the fields Wax Caps are putting on a great show down here. Look out for the Parrott Wax Cap. It is very green when young.

  3. great video, definitely lounging with style going on – was that actually a been bag or was it a pillow for afternoon nap time 😉

  4. Great tutorial, but I really do need my slave to assist me to get back up again 😉

  5. Great video as always. Have been playing around with my macro lens recently but only for boring product shots of tiny ball bearings. Has made me think about getting out and shooting some shrooms though.

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