• Happy birthday Mary. Sorry it’s late!!

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  • Evening all. Have just posted a Tech note that may be of use to Apple Mac users.

    Had a great day at Golden Cap Estate survey for wax caps and lichens and anything else. Int is the very end of the season for wax caps and the ones we did find were very washed out and hard to identify. It was great to be out in the sunshine and towards the end…Read More

  • Morning All, today will mainly be paperwork, but in the background the ‘puter will be crunching image files …. well it was clear last night and the camera was just sat there … a chance to confirm the set up before committing to a few hours on a hill top😂🤣

    Have a great day

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  • Evening all. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Although a bittersweet day for me, I have enjoyed a series of birthday celebrations, starting with a family dinner on Saturday with the entire Gilbert family. Yes, we broke Nippy’s rules there were 8 adults and a 7 week old baby, and it was a meeting. A clan meeting and nothing more. Yes, there was…Read More

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  • Evening all. Lovely day here – well after a short work meeting, on my day off 😞. Went for a splash in the river 🎣 – it was cold ! I then went back down and sat watching a pair of dippers chasing each other, and feeding in the river. A nice way to spend an hour 🥰

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