Another Attingham Shoot

As part of the gradual re-opening of the Mansion at Attingham Park “Be Our Guest” is the new project opening.

By holding a mirror up to the Mansion’s past, present and future of welcoming guests, we hope to encourage people to reflect on what it means today to be included and invited into a grand, intimidating and exclusive space.

Who gets to decide what makes a good house party? Is it the hosts, the guests, or a mixture of the two? And what about parties today in 2021? What are the key ingredients of a good party, and how have they changed over the centuries? Inside the Mansion visitors will consider Attingham’s legacy today. A Trust New Art collaboration between Attingham, Pentabus Theatre and Young Carers from Telford & Wrekin CVS, All Age Carers Centre explores this legacy in relation to parties today with ‘apart(y)’ an interactive installation in the Dining Room.

I have split the story of this event into 3, starting with the main party rooms and the costumes worn back in the day, a feature on a very special piece of Lady Berwick’s wardrobe and finally the party food – the most important part of the party for the young people involved in the project.

So enough words…..time for the pictures to do the talking.

Party room, looks like a very genteel setting!

The entertainment

Details of one of the period “fancy dress” costumes

Hand stitching on the men’s outfit and porcelain buttons on the lady’s dress

A very fancy get up (3rd image with added stage lighting)

Then and now – the party outfit.  The old dress is incredible and really well perserved

So that’s part one done, hope to see you in part two.

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