Basics of Lightroom’s Book Module

Lightroom’s Book Module looks a bit scary but actually it’s a really useful tool if you want to create a book, using Blurb Books, all within your catalogue, writes Andrew James. I tried to keep this video short but even covering a few of the basics takes 20 minutes! If there are any specifics within the Book Module you’d like me to look at for a future tutorial please let me know…

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  1. Thanks Andrew. I used to create photo books many years ago, but stopped doing them. Think I’ll do one of the girls for Dianne’s parents as they haven’t seen them in over a year now.

  2. OOOH! Thanks Andrew, something for me to get my teeth into 🙂

    • Thanks AJ I have a done a few and settled with Blurb as overall quite easy. I usually have a professionally done book on hand to get layout ideas, and I always write down font style, and size header size etc to keep it fairly uniform throughout

  3. Think I will give this a try. Thanks AJ.

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