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Extending backgrounds in Photoshop

Sometimes, no matter how good your reflexes are, you don't get a moving subject quite where you want...Read More

Using RAW workflow preferences in Adobe Camera Raw

Speeding up your RAW processing in ACR by using Preferences is a great time-saver, writes Jon Adams....Read More

Zoo photography tips

Photographing animals in their natural habitat, either in your own country or overseas is a wonderfu...Read More

Using Snapshots in Camera Raw (Photoshop) and Lightroom

In another gripping double act, AJ and JA bring you the lowdown on using Snapshots for capturing dif...Read More

Drone flying over Arran

We visited Arran for the first time last month – we usually travel to Mull each year for the wildlif...Read More

Buzzlive: FM New Beginnings Judging

In this Zoom AJ dresses like the man from the Milk Tray adverts while he and Jon critique the entrie...Read More

Frogs and Toads

This week has seen the start of breeding season for the frogs and toads that live in our local pond....Read More