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Bole Hill Quarry

As promised here’s a few images to show what a gem for photos the Quarry and surrounding area is.&nb...Read More

Buzzlive: Judging the ‘In the Shadows’ FM

Join Andrew, Jon, and a jovial gang of Foto-Buzz members as they look through all the entries from t...Read More

Toning RAW files with Color Grading

Whether you want sepia, cyanotype or a two-colour split-toning treatment on your black & white image...Read More

Heavy Horse Show with a bit of history

On one of our trips out when we were in Yorkshire we came across a Heavy Horse Show, so having gone ...Read More

Action stations

One of the most difficult things you can ask a photographer (or a camera) to do, is get a pin-sharp ...Read More

Taking a wider view

In the game of definitions and descriptions, photographers can be a vague bunch, write Jon Adams and...Read More

September Meet-Up

In the spirit of being allowed outside now and us all having expensive camera gear that needs using ...Read More

Buzzlive: Judging the True Colours FM

Andrew and Jon talk through the images entered into the True Colour-themed Foto Mission in this Buzz...Read More

Adding a New Disk to Lightroom

I tried to write this as a post in the tech forum to answer Paul B’s question, but I couldn...Read More

Lightroom: Using Masking to rescue underexposure

In this 10-minute Lightroom video Andrew uses a series of Masks to rescue a badly underexposed drago...Read More

Understanding Fill Opacity in Photoshop

In Photoshop's Layers panel, you can fade down a layer's content by using the Opacity control, write...Read More

Creating zoombursts in-camera and in Photoshop

Discover the wonder of the zoomburst - a creative effect that can be generated while capturing a sho...Read More