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A grey day in Norfolk

A few days ago I found myself standing by a Norfolk beach before sunrise, trying to work out whether...Read More

FM Judging: The Shape of Things

Join the dynamic duo from HQ as they pass judgement on the entries for October's round of Foto Missi...Read More

Cross-processing techniques in Photoshop

If you've taken an edgy portrait, and want to style it up with a neat effect that's a little bit dif...Read More

Create cool light in Lightroom

Finding the right balance of mood and light in your image is all part of the package that makes your...Read More

Flashing wildlife – is it ethical?

All cameras have a flash sync speed. This is the fastest shutter speed that can be used with the fla...Read More

Add new portrait backgrounds in Photoshop

Foto-Buzzer Mary Gilbert got in touch with an imaging problem, and wondered whether there was a solu...Read More

FM Judging: Going Slow

Join the boys from HQ as they look at and critique every entry in the Going Slow Foto Mission. Do yo...Read More

Add grit & contrast with a bleach bypass

A bleach bypass effect might sound like the sort of cosmetic surgery that costs thousands and is 'en...Read More

Enhancing bird portraits in RAW

Opportunities to shoot birds of prey in a studio setting are very rare, but it's one rather exclusiv...Read More