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Taken at ZSL Whipsnade, with the R6, 400mm f2.8 is II and of course heart 🙂  

Get to grips with Hyperfocal Distance

When it comes to getting pictures that are sharp all the way through from foreground to background, a great method you can use is hyperfocal distancing, writes Andrew James & Jon Adams.

It’s all Howard’s Fault :-)

Today I had planned to go motorcycling – not something I’ve had the chance to do that often recently… Then Howard messaged me, enquiring about Solar imaging software and my brain switched from biking to imaging! This morning the sun shone!! So, I thought I might spend an hour playi...

Resting Peacefully

Near the campsite in Rhandirmwyn we were staying at over the bank holiday we discovered a small cemetry that was no longer being used, I had a little investigate and found some really beautifully carved headstones. Couldn’t read most of the inscriptions on the grounp of headstones, although th...

Quick guide to exposure bracketing

The photography phrase ‘bracketing’ refers to a simple technique where you capture a number of frames of the same scene, but each image has an intentional technical difference, writes Andrew James and Jon Adams.

Going grey! A quick guide to using a grey card in the digital age

In our recent article on metering modes, we touched on the option of using a grey card as a reference for getting accurate exposures, writes Jon Adams. Here, we’ll explore the way such a tool is used for this purpose, and also how it can be used as a white balance reference to make sure you get accu...

One for the Wall

At home we have one print of Chris racing, and it’s not a photo I took. At the time I liked it – he’s heading down Paddock Hill at Brands Hatch and it’s quite wet so the spray from the tyres adds to the overall story, but it’s too tight in the frame. So I have been working on getting something I’d b...