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To crop or not to crop, that is the question

I have often advocated for minimal cropping and using the transform panel in Lightroom/Adobe Camera Raw to crop within the aspect ratio of the image, while at the same time retaining resolution, writes Andrew James.

FM Judging: Sense of Speed

In this video we talk through the entries from January's Foto Mission - Sense of Speed. The winning images are shown beneath the video player.

Reading the contrast for Black & White

All photography needs contrast – it’s one of the most important elements that shapes every photo’s composition. With colour photography, the colour itself can provide a lot of what we need to understand the shapes within the scene and make sense of the composition. However, that’s not the case with ...

FM Judging: Your best photo of 2023

Wow - what an amazing set of images you took in 2023. This lot left Foto-Buzz HQ with a huge headache in picking the winners. We can honestly say that every single one of them was worthy of the top three.

Small changes, big differences.

Andrew takes you through a basic checklist of processing changes you can follow for any picture. You might not need them all, but it will ensure your critically assess and improve an image successfully.

FM judging: ROCK

In this video we talk through the entries from December's Foto Mission. Winning images are shown beneath the video player.

Creating a triptych with New Guide Layout

Want to design a triptych in Photoshop but find it too complicated? Follow this tutorial that shows you how to create a simple template using New Guide Layout.

Class of 2023

One of the assignments on our recent visit to Tanzania was to visit a school and shoot some images for an article about how rural education on the periphery of wildlife areas is substandard. Lack of adequately maintained buildings, qualified teachers, and basics like appropriate textbooks, means tha...