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Be bold with Black & White

I know from experience that shooting for Black & White requires the photographer to take a leap of imagination and project what is being seen with the naked eye into something different and fresh, writes Andrew James.

Street photography

If the idea of pointing your lens in the direction of people you don’t know has you palpitating and sweating then it’s fair to say you’ve probably never tried street photography, writes Andrew James.

Histograms basics

Your average Histogram really isn’t very glamorous. Not only is it unglamorous but you might think that thanks to the ability of the LCD preview on the back of the camera to show us what we have taken, there’s no real need to bother with it at all, writes Andrew James.

Lightroom: A close look at sharpening

The over-sharpening of images is one of photography's biggest crimes but there are times when your images will need a little sharpening applied to get the best from them, writes Andrew James. Lightroom has a decent sharpening function but in most cases users either leave the default sharpening as it...

Lightroom: Adjusting White Balance

In this workflow video that takes you through processing a cheetah image from start to finish, we'll look at how and why white balance needs to be tweaked to get the colour temperature as I want it for the scene, writes Andrew James.

Lightroom: How to create a user preset

Andrew James shows you how to set up a User Preset in Lightroom so you can add a look or style to any image you want at the click of a mouse. Watch the video to find out more

Lightroom: Visualising the crop

This tutorial will show you a quick way of removing Lightroom distractions to help you work on the best crop for your image. This instruction was originally shown at the 2017 FotoBuzz conference but it is recreated here for reference and for the benefit of those who couldn’t attend.

Zoom or fixed telephoto?

There are several compelling reasons to use a telephoto zoom lens in preference to a telephoto prime lens, writes Andrew James. The most obvious of these is the flexibility offered by a zoom in terms of focal length. In lots of cases (though not all), the old argument that a zoom lens will not give ...