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Shooting Minimalist Landscapes

If you have a few hours to spare then surf the website for a definition of minimalism in landscape photography. Actually, I’ll save you the trouble. There is no absolute definition because everyone has their own ‘take’ on what they regard as minimalist, so I’m just going to give you mine, writes And...Read More

Photoshop: Add evocative lightrays to images

The presence of sunbeams streaming through a window gives an immediate high-impact feel to a picture, but it's rare to find it naturally occuring, writes Jon Adams. You can create the effect for real with a smoke machine and a powerful lightsource positioned in the right place, but there's a much ea...Read More

Cowboys of the Camargue

Each year a special festival takes place on the beach at Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Camargue, France. It's the perfect place to mix travel and action photography and send a postcard home to tell you family you’ve ended up in hospital, writes Andrew James.

Buzzlive: Frost in France

Watch and listen as Foto-Buzzer Rosie Jackson chats frosted cheery blossom on the fields of southern France, and AJ chips in with tales of the horse festivals health and safety forgot.

Starry, Starry Nights!

A miracle appears to have happened! We have had a series of clear skies over Lincolnshire where the weather Gods appear to have forgotten about the need for cloud/rain/cold/damp conditions! Amazing… I’ve had to literally dust off the scope and observatory and remind myself how to use it! It’s been w...Read More

Shooting with LED lighting

I know from talking to many of you that using flash is sometimes regarded as a complication you don’t want, writes Andrew James. Hopefully some of the flash advice we’ve been giving you in recent articles has begun to dispel the myth that using flash is a scary and technical difficult. It isn’t real...Read More

Basics of Lightroom’s Book Module

Lightroom's Book Module looks a bit scary but actually it's a really useful tool if you want to create a book, using Blurb Books, all within your catalogue, writes Andrew James. I tried to keep this video shot but even covering a few of the basics takes 20 minutes!

Beer Photography

When two of life’s great things collide it’s normal the outcome can either be a disaster, like mixing custard and fish fingers, or an utter joy to behold. Luckily for us the combination of cold, frothy beer, lighting and the click of a camera is the latter. Actually my eldest daughter did try fish f...Read More