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My Home Town

Well as you might now know I live in Farnborough, the Hampshire one, ( there are 2 others in the country!) Apart from the airfield that hosts the airshow, which was good in its day, there is not much else here worth mentioning.  So for the Mission I thought I had better try and capture some of ...Read More

FM Judging: My Hometown

Join us for a jolly jaunt through the entries in the My Hometown Foto Mission. Check out whether AJ's B-grade O:Level Geography is up to the task of working out where everyone's hometown is.

Adobe Illustrator – What is it, what does it do?

As photographers we have some understanding of Photoshop, what it is and what it does, and how it integrates with Lightroom if you use that too. The two of them work together to enable us photographers to work with what are known as ‘raster’ images, that is images made up of lots of dots. Zoom ...Read More

So… got a bit hot and something got melted!

I’d had a few ideas for Feel the Heat, my first one being glass blowing but the nearest glass place to me in Stourbridge couldn’t confirm which days this would be happening so it would be hit and miss if I visited, another was BBQ but then July kindly produced so much rain which killed t...Read More

FM Judging: Feel the heat

The challenge for August was to shoot an image that incapulated the phrase Feel the heat. Here's what you guys came up with, plus an impromptu but very intriguing discussion about Ai photography...