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Food, Glorious Food

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a ‘pop-up’ restaurant that was part of a culture experience at one of the local galleries.  My job for the evening was to document the event, capturing images of the guest, the exhibition, a dance performance and of course the food.  ...

Buzzlive: Foto Mission Judging (Creative Floral)

Join in the fun as HQ look and comment on all the entries in the Creative Floral competition. 

Bigger Apples – The Wait is Over.  Kind of.

A few months back I was asked should one buy the M1 or wait and my advise was to wait.  Now here we are 3-4 months later and new toys have arrived as expected. The good news if you wanted a new MacBook Pro your wishes have been granted.  If you wanted a new 27″ iMac then you are out of luck, that wi...

Shoot the magic of mist

There are no secrets to getting good mist shots – despite what the clickbait internet articles might suggest. You just need a good eye, and some common sense when it comes to your technique...

Starting in Infrared.

I have been umming and ahhing over getting my 7D Mk2 converted to IR, but after doing some research I found it cheaper to buy one that had already been converted. So I bought a Canon 550D that had already been converted for £269, checking lenses for hotspots and suitability is also another thing you...

Pro-quality print presentation

In this age of instant uploads to social media, it's easy to forget the impact that a great-looking print can have. But this impact is significantly increased if you take the time to present your print in a considered way. In this video, Jon shows you an easy technique in Photoshop that allows you t...

Lightroom: Lifting shadows on a contre jour shot

Watch as Andrew deals with a subtle shadow lift on a contre jour image and shows you how you can do a quick paste of setting from one image to the next.

Buzzlive: Foto-Buzz in the Camargue

Discover what the Foto-Buzz 2021 trip to the Camargue, France was like and see some of the great shots taken by the members who attended.