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Bole Hill Quarry

As promised here’s a few images to show what a gem for photos the Quarry and surrounding area is.  The first few are from March 2019 (which was one of the first trips out after switching to Oly) Learning the ropes! The trees at the quarry end. A small corner of the quarry. Here’s some from the ...

Buzzlive: Judging the ‘In the Shadows’ FM

Join Andrew, Jon, and a jovial gang of Foto-Buzz members as they look through all the entries from the 'In the shadows' Foto Mission.

Toning RAW files with Color Grading

Whether you want sepia, cyanotype or a two-colour split-toning treatment on your black & white images, your first port of call should be the Color Grading panel in Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom, writes Jon Adams. Not too long ago, this was called the Split Toning panel – and was a much simpler affai...

Heavy Horse Show with a bit of history

On one of our trips out when we were in Yorkshire we came across a Heavy Horse Show, so having gone back to get the cameras we retuned to spend some time with these lovely animals and came across a really interesting piece of equine history.  But first an image of the future of heavy horses. We...

Action stations

One of the most difficult things you can ask a photographer (or a camera) to do, is get a pin-sharp picture of a moving subject. If the subject’s moving, then so is your camera, and if your camera’s moving, then so are you, write Andrew James and Jon Adams.

Taking a wider view

In the game of definitions and descriptions, photographers can be a vague bunch, write Jon Adams and Andrew James. But when it comes to lenses and focal lengths, we have the opportunity to be fairly precise, because the focal lengths we use have specific numbers attached.

September Meet-Up

In the spirit of being allowed outside now and us all having expensive camera gear that needs using who would be interested in meeting up in September / October?  The dates I have so far are :  Saturday 24 September Saturday 8 October These dates aren’t fixed, I was just looking for something ...

Buzzlive: Judging the True Colours FM

Andrew and Jon talk through the images entered into the True Colour-themed Foto Mission in this Buzzlive. Find out which images caught their collective critical gaze...