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The Blue Coat

In a corner of the Drawing Room there is a portrait of Lady Berwick (1890-1972) wearing a stunning blue coat ( For the Be Our Guest event it was decided to bring the coat out of storage to add to the costumes on display.  Here’s a ...Read More

Food and Finery

Attingham has a very grand dining hall, a perfect setting for a party. Traditionally, country houses like the Mansion at Attingham were made for entertaining; places for aristocratic families to return to after the busy London social ‘season’, which lasted from May to August every year. Attending an...Read More

Another Attingham Shoot

As part of the gradual re-opening of the Mansion at Attingham Park “Be Our Guest” is the new project opening. By holding a mirror up to the Mansion’s past, present and future of welcoming guests, we hope to encourage people to reflect on what it means today to be included and invited into a grand, i...Read More

Creating your own Brush Presets in Lightroom

If you use the Adjustment Brush in Lightroom a lot, here's how you can create and save your own Brush Presets to give yourself an extra-speedy workflow, writes Andrew James.

Know more about noise

You all know that one of the things you need to deal with when shooting photos, is noise, writes Jon Adams & Andrew James. The term noise is a strange one really since you can’t hear a photograph –  so why is this the phrase used to describe something that looks like speckling and can soften the ove...Read More

Swimming with a camera … Deliberately!

The Plan. The day didn’t start with a swim as part of the plan, however when an update arrived from the Wild Seas Centre (my ‘seaside office) advising of amazing condition, calm and clear, it slipped in as a good way to wind up a scorching day. Batteries charged, camera housing prepared, camera cont...Read More