Buzzlive: FM New Beginnings Judging

In this Zoom AJ dresses like the man from the Milk Tray adverts while he and Jon critique the entries to the Foto Mission. There is also an open discussion about the future of Foto Missions at the start.

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  1. Just watched through this and I really like the outcome of the chat about future FotoMissions. Having the list really helps. In my case it’s more getting me outside the ‘fox’ than the ‘box’, which I did manage this time. Mine was the decorating scene with the blue/green toning (chosen as that’s actually fairly close to the wall colour and I wanted to have some sense of progress in there). I did try full b/w but didn’t like the results as much. All a matter of taste! The arrangement was ‘found’ but slightly tidied up (eg the paint tin and I pushed the dust sheets closer in etc). Lighting was natural (from glazed doors off to the left). And congrats to Peter on the beautiful winning image.

    • It was a good new beginnings scene

      • I’m looking forward to the ‘old endings’ stage. We’ve barely made progress since then, but I hope to get it finished over the next week. Trouble choosing paint colour!

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