Buzzlive: Indoor Inspirations

Who says shooting stuff indoors that doesn’t move can’t be exciting? Not AJ and JA as they give advice and inspiration on props, backgrounds, and lighting options for creative photography where you don’t have to leave the house. Plus, Jon gives a Photoshop ‘lock off and layer up’ tutorial for ultimate colour control.

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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated. 6pm is generally a nightmare for me – dinner, taking Charlotte to Karate, dog walks, last conference call of the day, stopping the kids from killing each other. It all seems to happen between 5 and 7.30.

    Some interesting ideas for backgrounds and stuff for defusing. Need to be careful with the amount of stuff I get in my studio as it’s tiny and I’m close to capacity already it light stands, etc, but the garage has loads of potential for hording stuff….

  2. Haven’t done water drop stuff for a while so special water is prepared, got a few other tricks to get better spikes and hopefully better collisions.

  3. Loved this one, Now going to get my iPad lit up and all sticky and then going to try something similar to Jons techniques ( it starts at 48.00 minutes)

  4. Just caught up via the recording. That was really good fun and some great ideas! Thanks!

  5. Just got to watch this one. I really enjoyed the content and feel inspired to try out some of what I learned. Thanks AJ & JA.

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