Buzzlive: Judging the True Colours FM

Andrew and Jon talk through the images entered into the True Colour-themed Foto Mission in this Buzzlive. Find out which images caught their collective critical gaze…

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  1. Astute analysis of my image (the ‘Warhol’ Thistle) guys! I had thought of doing multiple frames but that seemed outside the rules, but you’re right that’s how it would work. On the colour issue, those are truly the colours that aren’t there! (i.e. Jon was spot on in thinking it was a negative). By the way, I didn’t touch Photoshop for the treatment. It’s all done in Lightroom using a pre-set I made a while ago with reversed curves and then just some cleaning and tidying and (I think) dehaze. And yes the background is black in the original! Nice comments, so thanks!

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