Capture refracted images

If you want to take on an indoor project with a difference, you can create a setup that uses beads of water on a sheet of glass as secondary lenses, writes Jon Adams. This technique does require a little organising, but it’s great fun, and other than your chosen subject for the background, all you need is some glass, paintbrush. and some water-repellent glass cleaner such as RainX, or similar. The latter is important, as without this coating the glass, you won’t get enough surface tension in the water drops for them to bead up and refract light effectively.

To keep things in line with the time of posting, Jon goes through the whole process using a few bags of mini Easter eggs in this video, but of course, you can use anything you like as  the background subject – just try and pick something that’s colourful.

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  1. Why was that not featured in the Best Short Film nominations for the Oscars – maybe it was the overacting at the end 😉

    Great little video, perfect project for a rainy day 🙂

    Thanks HQ

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