My camera is in the water … Deliberately!

The Plan. The day didn’t start with a swim as part of the plan, however when an update arrived from the Wild Seas Centre (my ‘seaside office) advising of amazing condition, calm and clear, it slipped ...

Bempton Video Feedback

Hi AJ/JA, fotobuzzers – it would be great to have some feedback for the slideshow video I mentioned in the chat – https://www.dropbox.com/s/w69wnaf1lr3kicl/Bempton%20HD.mp4?dl=0&...

Inspired by Narrative

The Tuesday night Buzz-Zoom got the cogs whirring, all that talk of narrative took me back to the years spent at the Bournemouth Arts Institute back in the Noughties …. Narrative, Semiotics, Visual Vo...

MacOS Big Sur Upgrade (Ver 11.1) Problem – wot I experienced.

Today, 28th December I decided to upgrade my iMac (2017) to Big Sur after running Big Sur on my late 2015 MacBook Pro for the last 6-8 weeks without any issues.  This turned out to be a big mista...

Lightroom: First look at the new Color Grading Panel

In this video I am going to take a first look at the new Color Grading option that has replaced Split Toning in the latest version of both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, writes Andrew James. 

Buzzlive: High & Low Key Style FotoMission Judging

In this Buzzlive broadcast HQ judge and critique the images entered into the High & Low Key Style FotoMission. Pull up a seat and join in the fun...

Buzzcast 1

What, you may ask, is the Buzzcast? It's simply two blokes in a darkened room discussing photography. Buzzcast 1 takes up the thorny issue of when manipulation is too much manipulation and discusses t...

BuzzCast – July 2020

Welcome to the BuzzCast 2020 where we discuss the greatest technology in the world, Photoshop! Consistently dividing opinions

Filters – the basics

Once you become hooked into the world of photography you can’t escape the lure of the filter, writes Andrew James

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