Create a biting ‘frosty’ Black & White in Lightroom

We’ve had some frosty and misty weather over the last week and, at least according to the BBC weathermen, it looks set to be around next week too. Getting out early in these conditions and looking for scenes full of detail and texture is a sure way to find subjects that naturally lend themselves to biting black & white, writes Andrew James. In this video, I’ll take a shot captured in exactly these conditions and bring out its potential in Lightroom – though of course, you could use the same techniques in Camera Raw or adapt to whatever software you use.

Published in Imaging Skills
  1. Now I just need some frost! Great reminder of a couple of tools – thanks AJ😁

  2. Fab lunch and learn 🙂 but of course the predicted frost has not turned up…..yet!

  3. It was frosty in Rutland this morning 🙂

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