Create panoramic pictures in Photoshop or Lightroom

In this video, Jon and Andrew team up to discuss the ideal ways to capture a multi-shot panorama, and then demonstrate how the whole sequence is stitched together from start to finish in Adobe Camera Raw, writes Jon Adams.
They cover the thought processes of framing up, setting focus & exposure – and crucically – how to pivot around the ‘nodal point’ to ensure the components of your scene will match up and stitch together.

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  1. Watched this with interest as I did a pano of Tobermory on a tripod! I spent time levelling and as I swung through I knew it was going to mess up my depth! I also forgot to use manual focus but tried to use a terraced house as my point of focus. I will give it a try today thanks guys

  2. right…off to merge some pics 🙂

    great explanation and loving the Saintsey/Greavsey presentation style 😉

  3. Very useful. Tried this technique a few times on recent safari where tails and other bits of anatomy would be lost. Some successful, some not, I now know because of not enough overlap.
    I found it handy to take a ‘neutral’ shot, ie the ground at the beginning and end of a pano attempt so when you’ve got 10000 images to sort through its obvious to find your pano sequences and not delete the peculiar shot of a lions tail and backside!

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