Create starburst effects in Photoshop

From the flame of a candle to the intense brightness of the sun, if you have a light source within your picture, you have the opportunity to grace it with a starburst effect, writes Jon Adams. You could do this in-camera by using a small aperture like f/16, or you could add a star filter to your lens and let the etched pattern create the effect. But in this video, we’re going to look at how you can create attractive light flares from scratch in Photoshop, by making your own starbust brush, and simply clicking on the image to apply it.

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  1. Thanks Jon. That’s really effective and you explain it so well. ✴

  2. Thanks Jon, aka the Great Deceiver 😉 – another good lunch and learn

  3. Cool! Thanks Jon – even I might be able to manage that 🙂

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