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  • Afternoon all. Updated the cars footwear earlier – new rubber on each corner. And all fully winter rated.

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  • Afternoon all. Is anyone having problems uploading images to the foto mission. I have tried a few times and keep getting error 503, Server Busy. That has been happening since Sunday.

  • Morning all. Wet again (nothing new there) and the window cleaners are here. I have to brave Tescos then another indoor day. Be good.

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  • Morning all. A cheerful day in W. Dorset this morning. A rare (for us, honestly) Full English, Irish, Welsh,Scottish (delete according to your origins) breakfast consumed. The first Redwings, spotted from the breakfast table by CB added to the enjoyment. Looking back in our records we saw them on the 12th of November last year, so maybe they…Read More

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    • soumds lovely Paul, got a tip on cleaning the camera from Clare H-M this morning (someone else had gone mud swimming with camera), she said to use a wet sponge al over the camera letting the water flow over the muddy bits but def not submerge in water!

      • Thanks Jayne. I actually used a very gentle flow from the cold tap in the bathroom and sharpened wooden plant stake and a soft toothbrush. All dried off with a microfiber cloth and placed in the boiler cupboard for a few hours. Wet sponge is a good idea as well but I found that with our tap it was easy to control the flow.

  • Salutations Citizens. Another day dawns dry and temperate, … most excellent.

    Let shenanigans commence, have a good one

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