Enhance iPhone snaps like RAW files

We are all creatures of habit, and many of us will be comfortable with the RAW conversion process in Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw, writes Jon Adams. It becomes part of the image workflow when we get back from a shoot with our cameras. So what happens when you want to make some enhancements to a JPEG shot you’ve grabbed on your phone? Well, in this video, you can see how you can treat a phone JPEG in exactly the same way, and work on it as though it were a RAW file…

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  1. Hi Jon, Great video thank you but why not use RAW settings on your Phone? My iPhone Camera with mobile included has RAW format set as standard. Steve

    • That is an option, Steve, but nuanced adjustments are much easier on a big screen than on a phone, plus many shoot JPEGs on phones, especially if they don’t want to hijack the device’s memory with lots of RAWs.

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