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Shoot & Edit Better landscapes

January 16, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Six modules starting on January 16th and finishing on February 4th:
Successful landscape photography isn’t just luck. It’s a combination of understanding how to construct the best compositions, using the right techniques and of course, excellent post-processing to make sure your images stand out. In this carefully created online course we’re going to give you all the right ingredients to ensure that your photos of the great outdoors are the best they can be. To do this, we’re going to explore the essential creative and technical skills you need during a six session course, starting on January 16th and ending on February 4th, 2021.

How can you do a landscape photography course online?

This course is a combination of classroom sessions, group mentoring sessions and challenges that you undertake on your own in your local area – wherever you live – between sessions! Over a two-week period there will be SIX different zoom sessions, all recorded for you to refer back to at your leisure via private links to the videos online.

In Session One we’ll look at all the key elements of creative and effective composition so you can be flexible and design the best possible image wherever you are shooting. In Session Two we will analyse ‘homework’ results stemming from the first tutorial and look in-depth at what has worked and what hasn’t. This will be a proper ‘group’ session with two-way deconstruction of each delegate’s results.

In Session Three we are going to look in detail at HDR. How to shoot it effectively and how to process it so that it has a positive impact on your images (as opposed to an over-the-top negative impact). We’ll use both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw to get the best possible results. In Session Four, we’ll be looking at your HDR images resulting from homework tasks, with more deconstruction and learning feedback.

In Session Five our attention turns to getting the sharpest landscape images possible. We’ll discuss the important techniques such as hyperfocal distancing, before moving on to the shooting and editing skills (in Photoshop) needed to focus stack your landscape images for the ultimate in depth-of-field and image sharpness. Finally, in Session Six, we’ll look at your Focus Stacking results and offer full feedback and discuss any issues arising.

Across the six sessions – that’s six hours of intensive learning, plus the homework challenges constructed to drive home the learning – you’ll come out with a thorough understanding of what it takes both at the shooting and editing stages to capture truly excellent scenic images.

What do you need to get the most from the course?

To get the most from the course you need a willingness to learn and take part in active group discussions. You’ll also need to be available for the six sessions on Zoom and be prepared to devote a little time in-between the tutorials to carry out structured homework tasks that are designed to reinforce the learning. We’ll also ask you to submit images to us for the group sessions.

How many can be on the course?

As always, to ensure that you get the most from the course we will restrict this course in participant numbers but we will also need a minimum of six people to be able to run it. By keeping the numbers low, we believe this delivers better learning, allowing us to help individuals in a much more focused way.

What are the session dates and timings?

Saturday 16 January (10am) : Session 1 – Tutorial and homework

Thursday 21 January (6pm): Session 2 – Constructive group feedback and review

Saturday 23 January (10am): Session 3 – Tutorial and homework

Thursday 28 January (6pm): Session 4 – Constructive group feedback and review

Saturday 30 January (10am): Session 5 – Tutorial and homework

Thursday 4 February (6pm): Session 6 – Constructive group feedback, review and course wrap-up

Each tutorial and discussion session will last approximately one hour. While we realise this course requires a little bit of time commitment, we also know this is a great way for you to learn at a time when other forms of workshops aren’t possible.


January 16, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Online Zoom
United Kingdom


Andrew James
Jon Adams
  1. AJ/ Jon
    I’d like to join this course. How do I sign up? The “Get tickets” button is not working for me. Thanks

    • Hi Jo, can you email me – and tell me exactly what happens when you try and what device you are using too. It seems odd it doesn’t work. Either way, we’ll sort it out and get you on it so no worries.

  2. I put a ticket in the basket and paid (recd PayPal confirmation of payment) but it still says there are 12 tickets available and I haven’t received a confirmation email.

    • Ignore the 12 bit, that’s just the total number. It would be better if it counted down though so will report that.

  3. Hi AJ, mine has worked ok with a receipt from PayPal. Nothing else though.

  4. AJ, I am just gettig a ‘no entry’ sign when I go to the ‘Get Tickets’ button. Probably being a numpty but is there smething else I am supposed to have ‘clicked’ on?

  5. AJ, All sorted!! The ticket counter was showing 12 on my earlier attempts, now showing 0 and has allowed me to purchase.

  6. Joanne/AJ – the first time I tried (I think for a zoom) I forgot to change the 0 to 1 and the get ticket tab obviously didn’t work – rookie error, perhaps that’s what Joanne is doing?

  7. Hi Andrew, how do I pay with a credit card if I don’t want to use PayPal? It says it is possible but can’t see where I click to proceed? Please reserve one place for me. Thanks.

  8. Signed up and all paid for.

  9. Had my confirmation email through today and this page now says I have 1 ticket 🤸‍♂️

    • Yep, we think it’s a Paypal issue rather than a FBZ one but I forced the confirmation emails to send out. Nowt is ever simple in the digital world!

  10. I would like to join this course too please but it won’t let me buy a ticket. I get a “no entry” sign on the ticket button. Any ideas?

    • No problem, sorted now, same problem not clicking from 0 to 1 for the ticket number

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