Intentional Camera Movement FM judging

Online Zoom
Join us as we look at the shortlist of images in the ICM FotoMission and crown a new FM champ. It'll be fun and informative for everyone - whether you have an image in the running or not. Sign up in the usual way.

Birds-of-Prey Photography Day

Join us for a day's bird-of-prey photography at our private venue near Market Harborough in Leicestershire on Friday May 21st. The Bird-on-the-hand collection includes: Redtailed Buzzard, Siberian Eagle Owl, Harris Hawk, Eurasian Eagle Owl, African Spotted Eagle Owl, Barn Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Tawny Eagle, Great Grey Owl, Brown Wood Owl, Lanner Falcon, Snowy Owl, Barn Owl, Kestrel, Red Kite, Steppe Eagle and Burrowing Owl. We will select the best of these to suit conditions on the day but expect to shoot a variety of beautiful birds.
Sold Out £140