Exposure-priority & authentic in-camera Photoshop advice

In this video we’re looking at a new function that, no doubt, will start to be introduced to new and even some older cameras via a Firmware update from next year, writes Andrew James. We’re also looking at how, with the power of Photoshop, you can create an authentic in-camera style with your images and avoid that horrible over-processed appearance that often ruins images. Enjoy Jon’s special workflow demo…

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  1. Wow! That’ll transform my photography!

  2. 🤔 Mmm. Composition priority mode discussed on April 1st.

  3. Fuji have an experimental composition priority mode with a number of sub categories. The one I tried was labelled “SciFi movie set”, and with a few button pushes on the camera it took a close up of the sky and decided to superimpose it over the rather boring foreground and this image appeared on the back screen of the camera.

  4. Definitely one for 1st April 🤣🤣

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