First look at Lightroom’s new Denoise

The latest release of both Lightroom Classic and Adobe Camera Raws has introduced a new Denoise Ai function to help with noise removal on high ISO images. In this 10 minute video AJ takes a first look at its capabilities and draws a conclusion on whether it’s worth using.

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  1. Cheers for your run through, I am surprised at its great results, I had purchased DXORaw 2 4 days before they announced Raw3 so to say I was annoyed is an understatement, even more now because of Adobe’s Denoise do as good a job though I have to make sure lens corrections 8n Adobe are set to ‘On’ unlike with Dxo which does their own corrections.

  2. Thank you Andy. I’ve reached the same conclusion as you. I’ve just been going through some old evocative photographs with noise issues – low light, hand held shot with high ISO’s. Some of these I might normally have culled. Denoise has done a great job in helping me resurrect them to the extent that a substantial number are now keepers. It shows that photographs where it was necessary to shoot at extremes were worthwhile shooting and keeping as editing technology advances. What exciting times for all of us in continuing developments in mirrorless cameras, corresponding lens developments coupled with new editing technology.

  3. It begs the question, ‘why has it taken Adobe so long to provide Denoise to reduce noise when noise is probably a photographers main issue, when other firms have nailed it ? I suspect there is an element of arrogance on Adobe’s part .

    • That’ll be down to not wanting to ‘give’ everything away at once, I guess. But yes, arrogance too.

  4. Will have to give that a try, thanks AJ

  5. Very useful, but very resource intensive. It was hammering my GPU at 90-100%

  6. Oh that’s fantastic. Just rescued a hyaena taken via spotlighting last year. I had a free de-noise tool that I lost when I got my new laptop and never quite got around to giving up an arm for Adobe’s de-noise. Very happy lassie now 🙂

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