FM Judging: Good Enough to Eat

Join us for another round of HQ Foto Mission judging as we look at, and comment on, all the entries from the ‘Good Enough to Eat’ themed competition. If nothing else, it’ll make you hungry….

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  1. Just watched the highlights, I’ll watch the whole thing after work. Oh no I forgot, no more work so I can watch it anytime 😎

  2. Watched the highlights this evening. Mine was the Ingredients for a fry-up. Loved the winning 3 Well done guys.

  3. Just watched the recording. Congrats to Jeremy and the other top 3. Some lovely photos there. I’m always astonished at still lifes as the whole process of creating them is totally beyond me. On mine, Jon pretty much identified most of what I’d done. It’s actually three packs of stock cubes on their side with the ‘best before’ dates showing. Shot with a macro lens and then converted to a very harsh b/w in Lightroom. The whole thing is a deliberately literal interpretation of ‘good enough to eat’ in that there’s no sense of ‘food’ there, simply a date which confirms (or not) ‘safety’. Yes these are all ‘good enough to eat’ (ie not gone bad). Nothing more, nothing less. The design-side is vaguely influenced by Futurist poster art and Punk Xeroxing, and is created using layers in Photoshop, using the rectangle and circle marquee tool and then inverting the selected area to create the shapes and overlaps. It’s definitely not pretty!

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