FM judging: Magic Moments + Fresh & Fruity

It was a full-on hour of judging as HQ took on two rounds of Foto Mission entries in an FM-double header zoom session. As always there were some great entries and some dubious judging from Andrew and Jon. Tune into to watch the chat and discover the winners.

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  1. A bit of a (nice) surprise to see my Magus photo getting ranked! It is a tarot card (Crowley ‘Thoth’ deck) and the background is the rest of the trumps, Shot at f/1.2 with only the Magus card raised and the only one in focus. Most of the rest a combination of LR and PS wizardry. The ‘Strange Fruits’ one was much more rushed, and I agree not ‘fresh’ – I should have stuck with Bananas and used The Velvet Underground ‘Banana’ album, Kevin Ayers ‘Bananamour’ and Daevid Allen ‘Banana Moon’. Or done something like this:

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