FM Judging: Textures

A terrific set of images were entered in the textures-themed Foto Mission to give Andrew and Jon a real headache to pick the top three. Catch up with the comments and chat…

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  1. Thanks AJ/JA for your really generous comments. And yes, the background is indeed fox fur, but really stretched out to make it much less dense. The trees were processed in Lightroom and then just an easy compiling the background with it in PS. And congrats to Shaun, and Tom for that really intriguing image. What is it?

  2. Just watched the texture zoom – congratulations Paul, Shaun and Tom. There was an intriguing and eclectic array of images. I would love to know more about the old steps and the mottled wall – and I wonder what the story of the padlock is? So many questions about so many images – perhaps they were asked and answered during the zoom🤔

    • Hi Mary. The steps are in Penarth (a Victorian seaside town) and take you from the promenade to the beach below. The whole wall is just a mass of colours that have developed over the years. The padlock was rusted to the same colour as the wall and I actually didn’t notice it till I was processing the image!! so brought it out a bit more when I processed it.

      • Thanks Kim – well spotted. I loved the colours & textures. Wonder who put the padlock there…… so many stories one could make up😁

  3. Sorry I missed the presentation, I was out at 10 am and did not check emails till 9pm! The beech nut was shot the week before ( I usually try to keep my images taken in the time frame) Well spotted AJ re the masking, I think I brushed out some that was caught up in the foreground after I had softened and darkened the background reverse mask. It was annoying me but it was late!

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