Food and Finery

Attingham has a very grand dining hall, a perfect setting for a party.

Traditionally, country houses like the Mansion at Attingham were made for entertaining; places for aristocratic families to return to after the busy London social ‘season’, which lasted from May to August every year. Attending and hosting country house parties was a routine for the upper classes, and the work that went into planning a party was typically done by the lady of the house. She would decide the guest list and send invitations, choose the menu and seating plan for dinner, and ensure the guests enjoyed a variety of entertainments including music, dancing, and admiring the collections of fine art and antiquities strategically arranged throughout the house to show off the hosts’ wealth and taste.

The Be Our Guest theme focuses on this party season.  The formal Dining Room, historically the scene for grand banquets and evening dinners, has been the inspiration for the work of the LEGACY Project (, which has invited participants to explore the formalities and traditions of historic ‘parties’ through creating one of their own, but what are the key ingredients of a brilliant party?

So, the first blog focussed on the finery now its the turn of the food!

Fruits such of these would have been amongst of the stars of the show, some having been grown in the walled garden hot houses.  The young people involved in the project had slightly different thoughts on what makes great party food.

So that’s the food….

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