Foto-Buzz in the Camargue 2022

If you want to get a sense of the diversity in terms of creative vision, then asking people to submit their favourite image from a Foto-Buzz workshop in France is a great way to see how a single subject can be captured in so many different ways, writes Andrew James.

SUE JOHNSON: “I love the colour of the evening and it seemed to be a pleasing composition…”
AJ SAYS: “A really beautiful shot of a great evening session. That shaft of light in the background is awesome. I like the space you’ve allowed to the left as it gives a great sense of the environment.”

PHIL ABRAHAM: “A stallion contemplating the nearby mares. I had a low position at the base of the river bank. This let me burn the sky out with a view to producing a high key portrait of this wonderful creature. This image was taken shortly before the stallion took an interest in me!” (Ed says – see image below of Phil and friend..)
AJ SAYS: “Simple but effective. The stallion almost feels like a wooden fairground horse as it’s so still and its gazed fixed.”

ANDI FRANGESKOU: “This was my second trip to the Camargue with Foto-Buzz. It’s an amazing place and you don’t have to be an absolute lover of horses to appreciate the variety of shots you can come away with, and the opportunities to practice and learn different techniques in different landscapes and light conditions. It’s easy to get caught up in the high action adrenaline rush of the Camargue horses galloping beside you (or towards you) through marshes and on beaches or rearing up on sand dunes. I chose this image, taken in a quieter moment, when the Gardians allow the horse to rest before another sprint through water. I feel I captured a moment of tender, natural grooming behaviour between the horses that perhaps isn’t an image that would immediately spring to mind when you think of images of the Camargue horses. I also like the hint of orange from the light of the morning sun ready to rise, and how the horses stand out against the more subdued background.”

AJ SAYS: “Andi is so right about the variety of shots you get, and spot on about looking for the quieter moments between charges. I think this is lovely. A moment of interaction between two resting horses and the morning light behind them just warms it all up.”

MARY GILBERT: “A real challenge to pick just one, but how super to be able to say that! I’ve chosen this because it shows the speed and power of the horse and reminds me of the majestic way they thundered towards us whether in the water or on land. I rarely do any panning so it was good to give that a whirl again. I would have liked an eye in focus but can live without that as I can still make out its head.”

AJ SAYS: “A slow shutter speed can really bring out the sense of energy and this one does exactly that. Panning horses is actually very tricky as they have an up and down motion so getting the head sharp is rather in the lap of the Gods. Importantly here, you have the main horse in an upright position with the legs up and forward. Great timing.”

LINDSEY MUNROE: “I spent an afternoon editing this particular session. For me it was a question of isolating one or two horses, at least initially. I spotted this one and liked the sand and hoof/leg position.”

AJ SAYS: “Getting them to run along the sand was a bit of a bonus because the conditions for this aren’t always right. I love the simplicity of the composition here and it actually feels very serene, which is actually very different to the reality of five large horses charging across the beach towards eight prone photographers! The kicked up sand makes it though – almost like the horse is backfiring! Good choice to go mono too.”

LIZ MITCHELL: “I decided to send this one as it was the first shot that I processed from our trip and I really like the atmosphere of the picture in black & white. Without the work of the gardians and their relationship with the ponies, we could not have taken most of the wonderful action shots that we all came home with. I think this shot captures the beauty of the soft evening light with the guardian and his horse both carefully watching the ponies in the marsh before all the action in the water started!”

AJ SAYS: Wonderful B&W Liz. The strong shapes, the backlighting, the dust being kicked up, it all makes for a very evocative image. Love it.”

SANDY WELSH: “I went on this trip wanting to get some decent ICMs that added something to the sharp images that I also took. This one has the beautiful evening light and plenty of movement, but the ICM adds a lot of mystery to the image and draws me back for another look to see what else is there. Are these horses real? Are they part of a dream? Are they ghosts from a bygone era? Are they?”

AJ SAYS: “Always in awe of your creativity in the ICM area Sandy and again you’re ploughed your own furrow. It takes a bit of bravery to do this too. You are correct, this image is very dreamlike but because you can see the subject clearly it works really well. I love the fact you have all the horses spread out so well too.”

I can’t ask everyone to put forward their favourite without including one of mine. Here, it’s the interaction between the gardian and main horse that I really love. If you want to try getting your own shots then why not come with me next year as I am thinking about running another workshop in 2023. Let me know if you’re interested in the comments below…

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  1. Really interesting to see the choices everyone sent in! It was a fabulous trip (highly recommended) and I am keen to return again! As definitely things to improve or try doing differently next time…..

  2. What a varied selection. So good to see everyone’s interpretation of the same theme. Love them. Well done all and thanks for making it such a fabulous trip.

  3. Great to see everyone’s images and different interpretations

  4. A wonderfully varied collection of shots which shows the opportunities available on the trip. I wish I had been there.

  5. excellent work team 🙂

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