Frogs and Toads

This week has seen the start of breeding season for the frogs and toads that live in our local pond.  I took an iPhone shot the other day and recorded the sound they were making with the intention of coming back another day with a real camera and taking some time to get some decent shots.

I thought we just had common frogs at first, but looks like we have toads too looking at the photos, but not entire sure which species they are – David Attenborough I am not.  Anyway, enjoy.

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  1. That’s looks like a pretty healthy pond. And your wonderful toads are common toads (Bufo bufo).

    • Thanks Paul. there’s tons of carp in there too and we get the odd dragon fly also. Over the past couple of years our nature reserve has really started to come alive. There’s bats, foxes, obviously loads of froggies, buzzards and we saw 2 large deer last night. First time I’ve seen them. Dianne has seen a couple of smaller ones before but these things were huge. Oh and we have an Owl too. Can here the twicktwoo on a night time. Didn’t seem that long ago that it seemed barren of any form of while life except ducks

  2. Busy place! lovely to see

    • Ta. Always taken it for granted as it’s only at the end of the street – <100m. It was awarded nature reserve status last year I think or may be the year before. It's always been a good place for dog walking, but not seems to be actually worth calling a nature reserve rather than a park

  3. Excellent. They are several weeks behind ours here in the tropical East.

    • This is the first time I’ve really noticed such a large gathering. We always see the odd one or two around the paths after dark if we are walking the dogs in Autumn, but there seem to be loads this year.

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