How to supersize your photos in Lightroom

Want to double your raw file size without leaving Lightroom? Then you need to look at the Enhance function that’s recently been upgraded with version 10.3 of Lightroom and Lightroom Classic, writes Andrew James. I’ll show you how easy it is to use in this 10-minute tutorial.

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  1. It’s really simple isn’t it! I’ve used it a few times for heavy crops of small birds. If you are going to crop an image, cropping first leaves a smaller file size to enhance and can massively speed the processing time. I’ve got a decent GPU so it estimates around 15s for a full file which makes it quite handy, and almost instantaneous on a cropped image. The retention of detail is excellent.

  2. Well I am off to have a play and see what it does – Thanks

  3. Well what can I say – I have just played with it and it is now twice the size!

  4. Excellent, thanks AJ. (Just watched it after you told me off last weekend in France 😆)

  5. interesting will have a go on a cropped image; not sure I’m ever going to print really very large – I’m guessing you mean anything over A3/A2 –

  6. Well, I have failed again. New laptop, version 12. something. Photo menu gives me Enhance details,(not simply Enhance) select that and I don’t get the box that you show. I simply get a box that tells me what it will do and an option to cancel or Enhance. Enhance doesn’t double the size although it does give me an Enhanced.dng file 🙁
    Trying to add a photo here to show what I mean, but can’t figure that out.

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