Lightroom: Creating a User Profile – and applying it at Import

Learn how to create your own User Preset in Lightroom and save it for future use with other images, writes Andrew James. Plus, I’ll show you how you can apply that image at the Import stage.

Published in Imaging Skills
  1. AJ, you’re a star! Thanks for your help…

  2. It looks so easy when you do it. Time to practice, thanks Andrew.

  3. Thanks AJ. Need to get some of these sorted for myself to quicken up my workflow

  4. Thank you, Andrew. Good stuff! Regarding the ‘B&W mix’, which you didn’t check…under what circumstances would you check it?

    • In terms of a preset you’re taking a risk that the mix you do is going to work for each image. I’d just create the generic mono Preset then mix images individually, so I’d never tick B&W mix.

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