Lightroom: First look at the new Color Grading Panel

In this video I am going to take a first look at the new Color Grading option that has replaced Split Toning in the latest version of both Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw, writes Andrew James.

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  1. Hi AJ. The Zoom tool is so much more versatile, thanks for pointing that out. Color Grading I can see will increase hours spent in front of the computer, so I guess I won’t be using that much at this time. However your coverage Color Grading tool was useful. Thanks.

  2. Wot Paul B said!

  3. Thanks AJ, the new Zoom tool control is useful, and more subtlety on the ‘toning’ in the colour grading will be useful for a more controlled approach to reproducing the feel of a platinum print or an ‘old school’ argyrotype

  4. I agree with Paul here, the zoom tool is much better than the old and the little split toning I do the old was adequate enough. Mark Littlejohn may rave about it though as he uses split toning a lot and is very good at it!

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