Lightroom: How to add extra blur to a background

In an ideal world you’d use aperture to diffuse distracting backgrounds, but on occasions you might need some extra help in post-processing, writes Andrew James. In this video, I’m going to show you how I diffused a distracting background in Lightroom only, rather than having to go into Photoshop and undertake complicated and time-consuming cut-outs. The video is approximately 15 mins. 

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  1. Thanks AJ, very useful. Just going through/discarding my photos from that session

  2. Thanks AJ, I will try and adapt C1 to do it that way.

  3. Thanks for that AJ, Very helpful.

  4. Just Wow!

  5. Thanks AJ – lots of images to practice that technique 🙂

  6. All made good sense and a good result. I also see that Jons guitar solo has gone and we have a noisy 1DX starting the show off!! Mirrorless users may need headphones!

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