Lightroom: Lifting shadows on a contre jour shot

Watch as Andrew deals with a subtle shadow lift on a contre-jour image and shows you how you can do a quick paste of setting from one image to the next.

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  1. “I didn’t know that”… but I do now! Thanks!

  2. Is that the same as using the Sync button?, For example of you’ve 4 or 5 images you want to copy those settings to? I normally just use copy and paste, and no I didn’t know that either

    • In what it does yes, but it applies the settings from a ‘primary’/’selected’ image rather than from the ‘previous’ image and you can apply it to many at once. Very useful to sort out an initial edit of a burst with white balance/exposure etc.

  3. Well I never! My only concern is the local adjustments like brushing in shadows, I assume it will copy that from previous!

    • Yep! But you can tweak/delete them in the new image.

    • Either just select ‘brush’ and delete the unwanted grey ‘start points’ or, if you get the selection menu pop up just uncheck local adjustments and that deals with brush, grad etc ( but not sure if it pops up on this one

  4. Didn’t know either but often wondered. That certainly saves some time!

  5. Aha, had always heard one could use settings from one image and duplicate onto another but had no idea how to do it. Thanks. I might yet get to like LR in lieu of PS!!

  6. You can apply previous settings in PS as well, Rosie. After you’ve opened a raw file into Camera Raw, just click on the “three dot” icon on the right, and select Apply Previous Settings. Whatever you did on the last file you converted will be applied to the current one.

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