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Frogs and Toads

This week has seen the start of breeding season for the frogs and toads that live in our local pond.  I took an iPhone shot the other day and recorded the ...

Mac Studio – Which One to Buy?

Short answer – buy the entry-level and add as much storage as you need.   Why.  I’ve been using the M1 MacBook Air with 8 CPU cores and 8G...

M1 Pro/Max Reviews – Thoughts and Pricing

The reviews of the new MacBook Pro laptops have started to com in now, and all looks good.  More than good.  They look really impressive.  Howeve...

Food, Glorious Food

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a ‘pop-up’ restaurant that was part of a culture experience at one of the local galleries.  My job...

Bigger Apples – The Wait is Over.  Kind of.

A few months back I was asked should one buy the M1 or wait and my advise was to wait.  Now here we are 3-4 months later and new toys have arrived as expected. ...

Starting in Infrared.

I have been umming and ahhing over getting my 7D Mk2 converted to IR, but after doing some research I found it cheaper to buy one that had already been converte...


Taken at ZSL Whipsnade, with the R6, 400mm f2.8 is II and of course heart 🙂  

It’s all Howard’s Fault 🙂

Today I had planned to go motorcycling – not something I’ve had the chance to do that often recently… Then Howard messaged me, enquiring about...

Resting Peacefully

Near the campsite in Rhandirmwyn we were staying at over the bank holiday we discovered a small cemetry that was no longer being used, I had a little investigat...

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Meet Your Experts
Andrew James & Jon Adams have over 60 years combined experienced to share. Their photography, film-making and writing skills can really help to drive your creative and technical skills forward.
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Andrew James

Award-winning photographer Andrew James has over 30 years experience as a writer and photographer, including as editor-in-chief of Practical Photography magazine. An expert in photographic techniques across many disciplines, he’s a fount of knowledge on creative approaches & has inspired thousands of enthusiasts across the world with his talks, workshops and articles. He has guided photo expeditions from the frozen wastes of Antarctica to the colourful streets of Cuba.

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Jon Adams

As editor of Digital Photo for 15 years Jon Adams pioneered and popularised the creation of expertly-delivered step-by-step Photoshop tutorials. From the stills studio to a Steadicam, Jon’s photography & video knowhow, as well as his vast knowledge of Photoshop, has helped thousands of photographers get to grips with the trickiest of shooting & imaging techniques. His friendly presentation style is an essential part of Foto-Buzz.