• Hello peeps. I couldn’t hold my breath any longer so I’ve resurfaced on here, and found that I’ve a lot of reading to catch up on. Currently I’m waiting for rain so I can go out to photograph slime moulds. We’ll, someone’s got to do it.
    Hope you are all well.

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  • Hello folks. What’s new? Well, not a lot, as I too am confined to barracks with covid, as is Mrs W. I wouldn’t wish this thing on anyone. Horrible symptoms and I’m coughing my guts up much of each night. So, currently wondering exactly what benefit three jabs have been! Still testing positive a week after initial presentation.
    It’s enough to make…Read More

    • Hi Andy, I hope your system clears the little blighters soon.

      you got me thinking of an old Derek and Clive sketch about “the worst job I ever had….”

      It must be a bugger being a vaccine developer/ advocate when they have varying levels of efficacy and it is hard, if not impossible to quantify the reduction in severity they impart

      • Thanks Phil. On reflection there’s plenty of folk worse off than us with is thing so very fortunate really, and i shouldn’t complain.

    • Hope you are feeling better soon.

    • Sorry to hear you have it bad Andy – it’s a strange beast this Covid. You have it badly, I am pretty much untouched by symptoms! Strange days indeed, I hope you feel better soon.

      • Thanks Andrew. Yes it’s crazy. The person we know we caught it from hardly experienced symptoms either. And I thought I had a decent immune system only having had two days off work in the last thirty years!!!

  • ‘Shroomin’ with Scarlet Waxcaps. Happy Friday’s one and all.

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  • Hi y’all. Thought I’d check in to say hello.
    So, Thing 2 is back from Boardmasters in Newquay and has, in common with everyone he encountered there, kindly brought us all a present – COV19. He is quite happy about that, as he can now legitimately spend all day in his room ‘driving his desk’ (F1 computer game thingy). We are less impressed and are…Read More

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  • Hello folks. Now the rain has stopped I’m practicing with my new macro lens on hoverflies. Theres a whole load of different species out there – might be fun to see how many I can bag photographically.

    May I introduce you to this cool customer, Heliophilius pendulus.

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