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    1 week, 6 days ago

    Hello again
    Following on from my previous post about camera bag:
    What about when you are off on holiday (if ever) and you are taking “all” your gear. Obviously the bag has to fit into overhead locker and look as though it doesn’t weigh much.

    • If I am taking the full frame kit it is a ‘coat of many pockets’ and an airline such as BA or sleazy jet that allow heavy cabin bags ( and priority boarding to ensure locker space…. or the mirrorless kit that is a very significant weight saving, especially if the CoMP is still used! The old “stand there looking nonchalent” with a heavy bag is VERY risky these days as more airlines are now weighing at the gate!!!

    • H, this is an age old problem and one I have not missed. I invariably travel with an over-weight bag – praying I’m not going to be asked to weigh it. I try not to have it too much over and sometimes I will do a Phil and put some items into pockets (even a lens or two) until I am on the flight and then I will pack them back in the bag. It’s a bloody game! The other danger of a packed bag is that you get searched a lot as it’s so dense the scanners can’t read what’s in it properly so I am often having to unpack and then re-pack at security. The one thing I would say is – before you even pack – be brutal. Do you really need that lens or that ‘whatever’. Of course the beauty of those of you with mirrorless kit is that it’s lighter. I am still lugging 1DX’s about!

    • I’ve never flown with full kit, only body and a smaller lens. I might need big lens and body next year but undecided on mode of transport yet…🤔

    • A larger rucksack, big enough for the laptop as well. Ideally I wouldn’t carry all the kit if flying but we often just shove it all in the car for a UK holiday. It helps a lot that Mike and I are both using the same camera system so we can share the less likely to be used lenses like the fish eye or the macro, or the flash set up

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