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    6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Evening all, well the weather was a touch better than forecast and whilst I was out checking on the birdy feeders I discovered a beauty of a snowdrop – a double variety Galanthus nivalis Flore Pleno – it was hidden away under the conifer hedging no idea how long its been growing there! Gave me a bit of inspiration…

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    • Beautiful Jayne. Was this with your 30mm macro? I’ve been thinking about trying out one of those

      • Thank you CB, I do love the 30mm but it was downstairs and the 40-150 was on the body (plus I wanted 2.8, the 12-40 is waiting to go off for repair as it’s grinding 😱). Definitely give the 30mm a go I love it and it’s so lightweight. I just need M1X is too tall I sometimes have to use it upside down to get low enough! Makes a great prime too.

        • Ah OK thanks. When I first saw this I hadn’t realised you’d cut them and so could move them around to be higher than normal when still in the ground. I was grovelling in the mud on Tuesday trying to get looking up shots from underneath when they were still au naturel. Had to look for tall snowdrops to be able to get the 1.3 and 60mm underneath and be within focussing range

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