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  • Evening All! Do any Buzzers have experience and recommendations positive and/or negative wrt Night-Vision scopes / binoculars / rifle sights as I am looking to see in the dark to watch Hoggies, field mice, owls, foxes Bodge-the-Badgers and any other nocturnal garden happenings (not dogging, although I am not aware of any to date in my particular…Read More

    • Jerry, have you considered cctv and an infra red floodlight, leaves them in darkness and gives you a live, recordable black and white image

      • Hi Phil, thanks for your reply (:O)))). Up until March this year, I had a network of eight cameras (2xPTZ + 6x fixed in various nests and HogHouses and feed pavilions), which I dismantled, and removed all of the multiple required cables installed around the garden in order to complete my “QUICK SALE” of my house. Regrettably, two sets of gru…Read More

  • I had a play with the Enhance in LR over past coupla days. The first effort reduced my Mac to a superglue-slimed snails pace whilst I was cloning out the myriad dirt spots (which should not have been there in the first place but that’s another thing!). I determined that it was me being thoroughly thick and doing the Enhance prior to the clone…Read More

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  • That’ll be lots of thanks – not just the one thank!

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  • Cracking images in tonight’s Zoom, thank to All. Looks like a very tasty experience, with some very handsome animals.

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  • Shocking. I am so very sorry to learn of the passing-on of Big Dick. Gutted. RIP, and sincere condolences to Dick’s Family and Friends.

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