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  • Good Zoom and lovely images All – thank you! Phil, did you get to refine the focus of an LED to a pinpoint in the shed? I have tried some LEDlensers, but on the ones I have tried their focus remains quite broad. May have to go to Edmund Optics after all, or go the laser route which I want to avoid!

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  • Greetings All!

    QUERY: do any Buzzers have experience and advice regarding very narrow beam/pinpoint lighting source, in White and R, G & B versions?

    Whilst I appreciate that lasers would perhaps be one answer, I am looking for an alternative that will not either take my eyes out when I do something stupid, or fry the camera sensor!

    I am…Read More

    • Ahoy shippers, how about a single high output LED mounted in a tube to flag extraneous light many of the Astro companies also sell small lenses so you could take it down to a point source … I’ll see if I still have some ( I used them for building led floodlights before CRE based led floods were available)

      • Yo! Phil! Many thanks for your suggestion, which is not something I had thought about. Could be the answer, and the LED sure is a very handy and versatile component. Which of the Astro firms do you look to? This is another ‘mini’ project that has overtaken the sense of reality, and I may soon be moving the sofa into the Cube (:O)))))))

        • Hi Jerry I can’t remember the company name but I’ll see if I can track it down from my records, as I remember buying my solar filter film and some tiny lenses 3 or 4 or more years ago

          • I have been looking at Edmund Optics as one possibility for such lenses – that is yet another treasure chest that really does need to be avoided!

    • And when you say RGB I suspect you don’t mean one colour at a time …. or do you?

      • Hi Phil – yes, you are correct (:O))))). The other thing I can do there is to use only white LEDs and change the colour using perspex/acrylic 5mm thick filters, which I have bought in R/G&B and Opal in a number of dimensions for various set-up possibilities. The colours do appear pure enough to use for this, and the plastic of seemingly excellent…Read More

        • that makes life simpler as high output white leds are a fair bit cheaper than coloured ones of similar output. ….. so are you looking for a discrete point of light or a 20mm/ 10mm/ 5mm spot?

          • Hi Phil, yes, all of those – I am trying to aim for max versatility, although bow to the realities involved! The discrete sharp-focus point of light will be good for penetration of clear or coloured transparent items (glass etc) and the wider spreads of focus for smaller objects that require fuller – but still discrete – illumination so avoiding…Read More

            • Ok, well the quick fix would be the small led lenser torches, they have a zoom function that could easily be smoothed with car or foil or tube of the right size… I’ll be up the man cave tomorrow and will have a play in the electronics store and see what I have😎

            • Thanks Phil, be very interested to see what advice you come up with (:O))))

  • Aff-Noon All! I have a query:

    Do any Buzzers have experience with using Rosco Matte Black Cinefoil 1.22m x 7.6m

    I am considering using it as one option for lining a mini-studio (maybe not quite so ‘mini’ at one metre cubed!)

    The foil sounds potentially to be an elegant alternative, but I don’t know the physical properties and there…Read More

    • Jerry, somewhere in my garage I have something similar that Lee Filters once gave me and I have used it a few times. Sounds like what you are describing anyway. Let me dig it out and take a look. What I would say is that although more of a faff, ply panels and matt paint would defin itley be more durable and easily touched up if scuffed.

      • Brilliant! Thanks Andy, I appreciate your view on it.

        • No worries. I’ll see if I can locate it tonight for a closer look.

          • I need some of that stuff for my trapping flashes which are close to or within the field of view of the shot.

            • Hi Andy, yes, that would be good for your application as they say you can fold it to make quite rigid “barn doors” and flags etc. They claim it also absorbs all light – which will be great for my photography cos if all the light is absorbed, I guess nobody will have to suffer my images cos they’ll all be a uniform jet black (:O)))))).

    • Jerry, I couldn’t get to it due to a large amount of furniture propped in front of where it is stored – stuff that we were supposed to have driven in a lorry to France just at the start of the first lockdown. However, I know it’s the same stuff (different name) and my initial advice stands. It’s really bendable and useful for lots of things – such…Read More

      • Hi Andrew, your advice gratefully received and taken. I shall go ahead with the ply panels with matt black one side and chalky brilliant white on the reverse. I really ought to cease undertaking these mini-projects that evolve into Max-commitment of piggybank and patience! Sorry to hear of your deferred cross-Manche dash; let’s hope that Louis…Read More

    • Black foam board works quite well and is cheap.

      • Hi Shaun, thanks for the suggestion – that could be the way to go for one side of the panels. I will look into it and see what is about. No wonder Bezos is smiling!!

  • A tad early, but as it has already started over on the dark side of the planet, here’s wishing you All a Very Happy New Year! Fingers crossed for the whole shebang ……

    Here is a short video from my YouTube channel – this one lost his spikes but appears very happy all the same!

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    • You need to teach it some table manners Jerry.

      • Won’t be able to catch it to sit it down for instruction Paul – it flits about a lot quicker than I can! A couple of the neighbours’ uncontrolled trespassing moggies have tried and failed, so I have zero chance (:O))))

  • Morning All! I am gradually finding out how to drive Premiere Pro (addling what remains of my brain in the process) and have put up Hogvid [10] on my YouTube channel. It is not the most action-packed of videos, but three Hogs in the Hoghouse is something I was not expecting, and the audio is much cleaner – and some of the the noises they make a…Read More

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    • That’s just so sweet! And the action at 4m 50s is truly wonderful! Love it. (And well done for mastering Premiere Pro. I could never get to grips with it).

      • Thanks Paul, glad you like them! Haha : steady on with the “mastering”: there are thousands of feet of celluloid on the cutting room floor here! I have to say that all of this is proving to be a great deal more involved than I ever bargained for, and the complexities of the systems and programmes well beyond my expertise! Still, as they say: not…Read More

    • Very well cared for hogs!! I’ll pick this up on my desktop later!

      • Thanks Phil – I hope you enjoy it! Regrettably, the Hoggies have all gone walkabout now – I have not seen one for a couple of weeks, but that is in tune with their known dismissal/absence of any loyalties! Here’s hoping that they will return, in good health, in due course. I think that the neighbours’ several (I have identified at least five)…Read More

    • Lovely footage of them resting before the deep sleep 😍 🦔 🦔 🦔

    • Comfortable des. res. Very sweet, funny little noises they make. I’ve had to add extra fencing in my garden to stop hogs coming in, I know you’re suppose to do the opposite but my springer spaniel likes to pick them up and walk around with them and won’t put them down. Doesn’t hurt them but doesn’t give them an undisturbed winter sleepover !!

      • Thanks Duncan. I can imagine only too well your predicament – the Hogs are very endearing, and to any dog will be fascinating toys; in all their quirkiness, they don’t really seem ‘real’! If any Hogs do get in past the barrier, feel free to point them in this direction (:O)))))

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