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    4 months, 1 week ago

    That’s me out for a while!

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    • Thanks Howard! This is a poor-tech-quality photo (but do I care?!) of the Mac screen showing a photo from the MiniCam in the Hog Box (I probably should not be calling it Hogwartz anymore due to potential (c) issues!). Only two nights after I completed and put the box on-site in the garden, two hedgehogs made several visits and had a couple of test-kips for ten minutes or so at various stages through the night. On the fourth nigh , three hogs had a look and kips at various independent times. I put some feeding-grass in there when I had to lift the roof to readjust the focus of the two MiniCams, and since then there have been three regulars nesting and sleeping in the box and occasionally four in there, with a fifth on the feeder tray at the same time! What started as a “wouldn’t it be nice if ….. ?” ‘wee project’ has snowballed and cost a small fortune, not least in the trials to my sanity with all of the pitfalls of the tech stuff that I have never before needed to experience, and I am a total lummox on a very steep learning curve. I am in the process of installation of (yet) more cameras and intend – if I am able to convert at least some of the footage to an appropriate format – to put out a few feet of cellulose showing the intimate social goings-on of these delightful creatures. I think I fell in love with them many years ago, but never really knew until now (:O)))))). The live-view that is possible with the set-up is brilliant for many hours of voyeurism and simple entertainment during lockdown! Fingers crossed they will stay here for the winter, get really bored, and do what most will without TV – produce plenty of Hoglets in the Spring! If the two sows remain with one boar, maybe two families will result. And that will be a very Happy Hog Boar! I do not know about the territorialist instincts of these guys, but who knows …… ?

      • Excellent results Jerry, would love to have some around me but sadly that won’t happen under current system.

        • Cheers Basil! Hope all is well with you (:O))))) This is definitely a work-in-progress, with three steps forward, two back, and a couple of sideswipes along the way to keep me guessing! And, all the while, the Hoggies remain apparently oblivious – which is the whole point, really – to the hiccups in both practical and techy camps. Got me a really happy rubber mallet that will fix the techy shenanigans, so those cameras and network bits n pieces had better watch out and behave! I am very happy indeed to be able to do even this small thing to help out these very threatened, loveable and fascinating creatures.

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