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Natural Patterns – Cropped View Comment
  • @Jerry
  • September 12, 2021

Brilliant! Thank you for doing this Ian - this is the icing on the cake for me (:O))))). The image would look great as an Alumini print (Loxley Colour) !

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Natural Patterns View Comment
  • @Jerry
  • September 11, 2021

A Geologist / Sedimentologist's dream! A very striking image as it is, and I would also like to see it with the grasses cloned out to leave the pattern of the stratified rock alone. Very nice, Ian.

Phil, I think I would rather be remembered as the one who brought the largest Adult Toy back to Earth in one piece (and with batteries still working)! Great blog thanks; very interesting content and striking images. Subsurface colours are something that have always surprised me, even those from...

Hey Charles - an immersive and fascinating image, and it will be Hip, Hip, Hooray! before you know it. Or, Hip, Hooray! if only doing the one (:O))))). Best wishes to you for the op.

Cheers Paul! Good to hear on the news that the Dragons and Damselflies are doing very well and expanding their presence due to warming temperatures even into Scotland . Maybe we'll be back to the metre-wingspan beauties of yore before we know it at this rate - and perhaps...

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