• AJ – I’m looking for the list of FMs for the year but can’t remember where you put them. Could you repeat send or direct me to the right place? I have a suspicion it might have been in one of your weekly emails…… thanks and have a good weekend

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  • Wild rocket is a weed around here

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  • We’ve had a Xmas picnic on the beach today. As you can see, it was hard to find a free space 😉. Happy Xmas everyone and thanks for your photo company this year. Thanks to our marvellous hosts, Aj and Ja.

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  • Hello All, I’ve just caught up on the Going Slow judging video – proud to get 3rd place in such an amazing field. I loved the variety of the submissions and congrats to a worthy winner. For those of you who were on the zoom, I just wanted to say that my photo was a one-shot wonder as the wine glass toppled and my model got soaked thereby c…Read More

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  • Hi All, I recall some conversations not that long ago about specialist insurance for photography equipment and, of course, now I need it, I can’t find all the good advice some of you were giving (I’m thinking it was Phil and Chris???). I’ve gone through the Tech Forum and the Facebook account. Can anyone with a better memory than me (not hard)…Read More

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    • Ours is with Eversure. Policy is very clear and quote process easy. They cover gear owned by the family under one policy which helped us a lot as we have a lot of gear that we share. And having had to make a claim last week, I can say that they’ve been very efficient in dealing with it. And that’s the real test for insurance IMHO.

      • hmm, dat thumb alert. I was with Towergate but they only accept money from working professionals now …!they did try to entice me to say I was asking the odd shot but misleading an insurance company is a taking a long walk on a short pier🤣😂🤣😂. Currently ‘between insurers’

    • I’m with Eversure too, but haven’t had to make a claim🤞

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