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    3 days, 2 hours ago

    I attended a Zoom photography talk by the actor Bill Ward (stage and Coronation Street) this week. His ICM and double exposure images are very good. Think Sandy might be interested in some of his work. He is very passionate about his photography which always leads to a good talk.

    I also like his theatre architecture photography.

    I can recommend attending if hse any other talks he gives – he is speaking at the Wales and West photography show (I think it is in June).

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    • I also watched the talk by Bill Ward on Camversation about North West Scotland and the Hebrides. He certainly packs a lot of great images into an evening, both conventional and ICM/ME. I also went on a 3 day course with him 15 months ago based in Bamburgh. He contributes to the quarterly online magazine ICM Photography Magazine which is full of good ICM images. It is worth looking at his work.

    • He was at our camera club a couple of weeks ago and put on a great presentation, he also picked up 10 to go on a workshop with him at the Strid a body of water