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    1 year ago

    I don’t know what its been like elsewhere but the wet weather has meant fewer fungi to spot and yet some manage to cling on.

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    • I like this image Nigel. Fungi are great subjects, from the Gross all the way through into Fairyland!

    • I found some lovely shaggy ink caps yesterday at NT Stowe in Buckinghamshire

      • Allo know as Lawyer’s Wig. They make good eating as well, whilst gills are still white, Chris.

        • Ooh interesting, didn’t know that (but then what I know about mushrooms wouldn’t even cover a postage stamp). Don’t think the National Trust would have approved of me picking them. And anyway, they looked so pretty, I’d rather leave them for other people to spot

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I live in South Devon, next to the sea and within easy reach of Dartmoor. I am a lazy photographer preferring my bed to capturing sunrises. I aspire to Contemporary Photography but am still not quite sure what it is. I am technically proficient and aesthetically challenged. My artistic taste is predominently abstract. I like people and enjoy being involved in my local camera club.

Before, I was many things. I lived in Africa for a while as a volunteer then working in International Schools. I was a teacher (I seem to remember being qualified to teach science but I never really did that) – I specialised in children from 4 years old to 45 – not much difference in the two.

For a couple of years I taught A Level Photography in an Upper School to students whose talents so exceeded mine it was embarrassing! Mostly I taught maths but also English, French, History, Geography- actually, I hoped to teach people how to learn so that they didn’t need me! I worked with children with learning and behavioural difficulties- then their teachers- then their parents-then everyone else. I learnt a lot.

Now, I photograph what I want, most of it when travelling.