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    1 day, 13 hours ago

    Any suggestions on how to clean off sticky mud?

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    • Pressure washer ? Although I have a strong suspicion that would negatively affect functionality…😳

    • Oh dear! Damp cloth would be a start or off to Fixation.

    • Let it dry and then use the wifes toothbrush to brush off what will come off. Then damp cloth to tidy it up. Which body is it? If it is Weather Sealed then maybe a plant sprayer?

    • Under a slow running tap Paul to remove the surface mud. Then a tooth brush to get in the nooks and crannies. Don’t open any of the ports or take the lens off until clean. Then put in the airing cupboard to dry properly.

      • Oh I have done the tap thing with an Olympus E3 and lens when the got covered in sea water, every thing was fine.

      • That is exactly what I’ve done Graham. Nothing open except took off the hot shoe cover, the eyepiece and the lens hood and opened the articulated live screen.

    • Chris’ first thoughts were you’d camo’d it 🤪😂

    • Just read through this unfortunate incident, and not seen if you have taken your battery out which I would definitely do even after cleaning up. We have up ere a Facebook group for all things Harrogate, if you have something similar, put a post up for metal detectorists to help find and I am certain you will get someone that would love to help. I have an average one that can work between metal types and some are really space age in what they can do, good luck Paul

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